Annual Survey 2023

Annual Survey

NUGEN Audio 2023 Annual Survey

Your opinion counts!

Thank you for taking part in our annual survey. Your feedback will help us to develop better products for all your audio wants and needs.

You'll receive a $100 NUGEN voucher* for taking part as well as exclusive access to purchase A|B Assist and Jotter - our brand new annotation plug-in, both exclusive to survey participants only.

Enter your details below. After submitting the survey, the voucher will automatically appear in your shopping basket when your order total exceeds the voucher value - if you do not already have a NUGEN Audio account, we will create one automatically.

We really appreciate your input!

*Voucher for part purchase only, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, value of product must exceed value of voucher. Voucher expires March 4, 2023. Survey starts January 18, 2023 and ends February 17, 2023.

Q1. In what industry do you use audio plug-ins, of any brand? (tick all that apply)

Q2. For which tasks do you use audio plug-ins, of any brand? (tick all that apply)

Q3. Where do you find out information about plug-ins, of any brand? (tick all that apply)

Magazine Online

Q4. Which NUGEN Audio products do you use? (tick all that apply)

Q5. For which tasks do you use NUGEN Audio products? (tick all that apply)

Q6. Which social media platforms do you use to get news about audio software? (tick all that apply)

Q7. What is your favourite social media for news about audio software?

Q8. Are there any organisations you would like to see us working with/partnering with?

Q9. Who inspires your music production and/or audio post production? (e.g. your favourite engineers, artists, etc...)

Q10. If you would like to be featured in an article on our website, please tell us about your work. You can provide links to your website, production credits and/or social media below.

Q11. If you would like to be featured in an article, which of these campaigns would you be interested in contributing to? (tick all that apply)

Q12. Which industries would you be interested in reading user stories from? (tick all that apply)

Q13. Would you like to see any of our content and plug-ins in another language? You can specify which language(s) and additional content in the box below

Q14. What is your primary operating system?

If you would like you can now skip to the end to get your $100 voucher.

Extra questions

Q15. How many channels do you mix in? (tick all that apply)

Q16. What are your preferred DAWs/NLEs? (tick all that apply)

Q17. Have you had any issues with our plug-ins which could be improved by including supported accessibility features? Please specify which plug-in(s), the issue you are experiencing, and suggestions of how we can make them more accessible

Q18. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

And that's a wrap!

Thank you for your time, your feedback is pivotal in determining NUGEN's future plans.

Now your $100 voucher awaits! Plus you will be granted entry to our All Access Area, with two plug-ins not available anywhere else.

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