Define Your Sound

Define Your Sound

What gets us out of bed in the morning? What makes our customers' lives easier?

NUGEN’s mission is to enhance the lives of our users, staff and partners by creating, publishing and providing support for genuinely useful audio tools.


We encourage you to try before you buy, with a 2 week free trial and our Tech Support team and Product Specialists on hand to answer any questions you might have!


If you haven't already, you can subscribe to our mailing list below.

We aim to deliver useful and educational content continuously so check out our YouTube channel for tutorials, and our socials for regular updates.

What do our users say?


"The plug-ins all fit into my workflow seamlessly, they’re so simple and easy to use, and I trust them implicitly."

- Kate Davis [read more]



"It’s very reassuring to know that NUGEN truly helps people, like myself, who work in this crazy industry. Their products make the process of doing our jobs easier and gives us less to think and worry about."

- Jorel Corpus [read more]



"Their superb audio quality and depth of control is unrivalled. NUGEN does things that other plug-ins simply don't."

- Rafa Sardina [read more]


How do we live our values?

As well as making great audio tools, we support various initiatives seeking to create a more equitable society. We have lent over £13,000 to fund small businesses in low-income countries through Lendwithcare, and we give 3% of our profits to charity every year. In 2023 this will include Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and PAFRAS.


Consistency, authenticity and a willingness to learn are all at the core of who we are and how we approach our work. We make decisions for the long term, not quick gains.


We work with students, educational institutions and other organisations to make our tools more accessible for those just starting out in the audio industry. We believe that education can be a driving force to create a more open and diverse audio community.


Our previous Women In Audio campaigns, and our upcoming Diversity In Audio campaign, have attempted to increase awareness, both within NUGEN Audio itself and in the wider industry at large. We want to highlight and share voices which are often ignored.


We took part in the Global Climate Strike in 2019, closing our online shop for 24 hours on September 20th. We also look for other ways to reduce our carbon footprint, for example by taking the train rather than flying to trade shows and conventions where possible.


Speaking of a willingness to learn, please use the form below if you have any further suggestions for how we could improve the way NUGEN Audio is run.

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