Jorel Corpus

Jorel Corpus


NUGEN Producer bundle and Loudness Toolkit are a mainstay in mix engineer Jorel Corpus' [Boyz II Men, Tyrese, Brandy] toolbox

The perfect complement

As the top-line audio editing software brand for television and music mixers and producers around the world, NUGEN Audio has gained significant notoriety throughout the industry. When mix engineer Jorel Corpus received a copy of the company’s Producer bundle at an event surrounding the GRAMMY’s, he soon realized it was the perfect complement to his existing workflow for his range of music and television projects.


Corpus explains that prior to receiving the software, he had heard great things about NUGEN and, after using the plug-ins, he quickly realized the full breadth of the solutions’ benefits. “A lot of industry friends and colleagues who I trust use NUGEN,” he says. “I had wanted to use the company’s solutions for a while, so when I received the Producer bundle, it was perfect timing. As soon as I started to use NUGEN, I felt more assured. I use the Visualizer audio plug-in when clients send me files to immediately analyze if the signal is in mono or stereo. This organizes my resources and streamline my workflow better. I also use the Stereoizer and Stereoplacer tools regularly.”


"As soon as I started to use NUGEN, I felt more assured."

In addition to the plug-ins found in the Producer bundle, Corpus has since acquired NUGEN’s Loudness Toolkit with VisLM loudness meter, which helps him remain compliant when working on a range of television and video-on-demand projects. “I’ve found that the ISL stereo limiter works well with the VisLM loudness meter,” he adds. “The ISL provides highly transparent True Peak limiting for all stereo and mono content. In the past, with competitor products, I would worry about being compliant. With NUGEN, you don’t even think about it. Using NUGEN plug-ins allows me to make Netflix, Amazon Prime or television deliveries that have a hardline loudness requirement very easily.”

"I consider the NUGEN software a final layer in my productions."

High quality solutions

Since incorporating NUGEN software into his workflow, Corpus has found himself replacing the plug-ins he was previously using. “Even though you have similar tools that do the same job, you gravitate towards using the higher quality solution,” he says. “I consider the NUGEN software a final layer in my productions. When I want to make sure what I’m doing is compliant, I am going to use NUGEN.”


In addition to its products, Corpus is also very happy with the service and support he receives from the NUGEN Audio team. “NUGEN has a great reputation, and the interaction I have with them every time I need to reach out is wonderful,” he continues. “It’s very reassuring to know that NUGEN truly helps people, like myself, who work in this crazy industry. Their products make the process of doing our jobs easier and gives us less to think and worry about. It’s awesome to know we have a great teammate in our corner.”

"It’s very reassuring to know that NUGEN truly helps people, like myself, who work in this crazy industry."

Corpus is a GRAMMY- and Emmy-certified, Billboard #1 awarded music producer, sound engineer and musical artist known for his work within the U.S. and Asia, which features Brandy, Tyrese, Boyz II Men, JJ Lin, G.E.M. and Disney concerts. On the television production side, his credits include The Snowy Day on Amazon prime and Family Style, an Asia foodie show released under Justin Lin’s YOMYOMF and Warner Bros. Stage 13 Platfrom,; as well as a range of projects for Windy films, a creative production agency that recently won an AdWeek ARC Award. He also works with Indie Pop Films, a full service live-action and stop-motion animation production house whose work has won awards at, and was selected for, international film festivals.

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