NUGEN Audio at NAMM 2017

NUGEN Audio at NAMM 2017

Hall A, Booth 6242

Jan 17, 2017

At the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, NUGEN Audio will present its latest high-end mix, mastering, and post-production software - with the spotlight on MasterCheck Pro, a groundbreaking new codec and loudness auditioning plug-in that enables music professionals to deliver masters perfectly tuned for today's music streaming services.


NUGEN Audio will also introduce ISL DSP for Avid Venue S6L, a major new addition to the renowned ISL True Peak Limiter product line. This update for ISL DSP introduces full support for Avid Venue S6L live systems in addition to the existing support for Avid HDX and native formats. The highly transparent true-peak limiting algorithms in ISL DSP can easily meet the demands of both live gigs and massive, complex studio projects. ISL DSP is an ideal expansion of the unmatched power and clarity of Avid Venue S6L systems.

Introducing: MasterCheck Pro

The 2017 NAMM Show will mark the U.S. debut of MasterCheck Pro, NUGEN Audio's new loudness, dynamics, and codec auditioner for music professionals. Consumer demand for music from streaming apps, download stores, websites, and podcasts has never been higher. These services all use data compression, loudness matching, or both.

"Data compression and loudness matching can affect mixes in various unforeseen ways," said Jon Schorah, Creative Director, NUGEN Audio." At NAMM this year, we'll be showing how MasterCheck Pro gives the control of the listening experience back to producers, letting them mix to each streaming service's criteria. They can identify problems ahead of time and optimize their mixes, resulting in music that reaches the listener sounding exactly as originally intended."

MasterCheck Pro lets producers hear and visualize what music streaming services will do with their mix ahead of time - including the playout encoding and loudness matching now in use by Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Digital Radio, and many others.


Loudness matching is increasingly being used by streaming services to automatically even out the average playback level for each track. With MasterCheck Pro, producers can instantly hear how their tracks are affected by loudness matching on different devices and services. Innovative meters show loudness and peak-to-loudness ratio (PLR or dynamic range). The actual level changes applied by each streaming service can be auditioned. Industry-standard true-peak metering ensures the mix is within the delivery spec and guarantees the music won't be clipped at later encoding stages.


MasterCheck Pro is designed for both mix and mastering engineers, giving them the ability to preview the mix in real time through different encoding schemes and quality settings and helping them avoid distortion, over-compression, or wasted headroom. The result is masters that are perfectly prepared for each service.

ISL True Peak limiter

NUGEN Audio's ISL provides True Peak limiting all the way from the basement studio to the stadium mainstage, for stereo or surround, and from mixing, mastering, and live performance to post-production. At the 2017 NAMM Show, NUGEN Audio will unveil ISL DSP for Avid Venue S6L. This expansion to the ISL lineup gives producers at all levels - both live and in-studio - access to the pristine clarity of NUGEN Audio's True Peak limiting technology. Whether producers need bulletproof True Peak limiting for complex DAW workflows on their Avid Pro Tools HDX systems, or unwavering brick-wall limiting at a live gig for an Avid Venue S6L system, ISL DSP offers the reliability and clarity they need.

"Avid is committed to offering the most comprehensive tools and workflows solutions to create, distribute and optimize media, so we're delighted that NUGEN Audio's ISL 2 True-Peak limiter AAX DSP plug-in is now available for the Avid VENUE | S6L live sound system, giving our preeminent customer community a new level of sonic security and transparency for their live shows and recordings," said Derk Hagedorn, Product Marketing Manager Avid. "Thanks to the MediaCentral Platform, the most open, tightly integrated and efficient media platform, ISL 2 runs directly on VENUE | S6L's HDX processing engine, delivering the tightest integration and lowest latency possible."

ISL DSP requires installation of NUGEN Audio's ISL 2 or ISL 2st.


NUGEN Audio's ISL 2 offers broadcast-quality limiting with unparalleled transparency for surround true-peak limiting up to 7.1. ISL 2's compliance with ITU-R B.1770 gives producers complete confidence that they're meeting international standards. Unique channel linking visualizations and interdependency controls provide intuitive and precise control.


Offering world-class true-peak limiting for stereo work, ISL 2st delivers superb sound and gives producers the confidence that they're complying with the new standards for online delivery. ISL 2st is critical for creating a great-sounding stereo mix.

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