Chris Rudall

Chris Rudall


In Demand Music takes up high-quality, compliant audio up a notch with NUGEN Audio [Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Cascada]

In Demand Music

Innovative Software Saves Valuable Time, Reduces Operating Costs and Preserves Creative Process for Co-Owner/Producer Chris Rudall.


With a list of artists that includes Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Cascada, Armin Van Buuren and Basshunter, productions from In Demand Music are regularly featured on the top dance, club and pop charts across the U.S. and Europe. As co-owner/producer of In Demand Music, Chris Rudall takes pride in delivering un rivaled results for his clients’ various projects.Owning to the latest in loudness requirements, Rudall recently went looking for the latest and greatest software to meet his end-to-end loudness management, metering and correction needs. With software that enables In Demand Music to control everything from content acquisition through playout, Rudall found NUGEN Audio to be the perfect match.

Enhancing workflow

Rudall first incorporated NUGEN’s SEQ-ST, MasterCheck and ISLst plug-ins into his daily work flow late last year. “Since adding NUGEN software to our workflow, we have been very happy with the results,” says Rudall. “The plug-ins just work; they do exactly what they claim to do.” The SEQ-ST provides Rudall with powerful sonic sculpting and EQ matching, as well as stereo mid/side operation and automated spectrum analysis. “SEQ-ST is quite useful because it’sa high-quality EQ that does matching,” adds Rudall.“I’ve used SEQ-ST for some precision EQing because it sounds really clean and musical at the same time. I don’t have anything else that could do what the SEQ-ST does.”

“With ISLst, you just put it on and go."

"[MasterCheck] makes it possible for me to solve my problems faster, which saves me valuable time and money.''

Getting the best results for the dance-floor

To ensure the music reaches the listener as intended, Rudall calls on NUGEN’s MasterCheck, which reveals problems ahead of time. It also enables users to audition and deliver masters perfectly tuned for today’s playout systems. “So much of what we do is going out to radio or streaming services,” he says. “It’s difficult to make dance and club music sound the same because the target is night clubs, stadiums and laptops all at the same time. Trying to get that balance is really hard, but MasterCheck is very helpful in that application. In addition, MasterCheck allows me to get where I need to be faster. It makes it possible for me to solve my problems faster, which saves me valuable time and money.”


The finishing touches

“Since adding NUGEN to our workflow, we have been very happy with the results.”

Rudall also finds NUGEN’s ISLst limiter to be very helpful. ISLst is an intelligent look-ahead brick-wall limiter that provides highly transparent True Peak limiting for all stereo and mono content. “The ISLst Limiter is amazingly transparent,” he says. “There are a lot of limiters that try to do lots of clever things, but sometimes end up complicating matters. With NUGEN’s ISLst, you just put it on and go.”

Rudall and his team have produced and remixed for a wide array of artists, such as Jess Wright, Lemon, Rudedog, Tulisa, Fazer, Click22, Bingo Starr, N-Dubz, Koele Vaten, Grandmaster Flash, Alexandra Stan, Two Shoes, Katy B and Rizzle Kicks. In addition to his NUGEN Audio software, Rudall uses a Pro Tools DAW along with an SSL Matrix console



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